Best way to have thumnail view of directories


I’m trying to create something similar to windows’ thumbnail view of directories. As such, I’m creating a new component modeled after FileListComponent, but using a TableListBox/TableListBoxMode instead of a ListBox/ListBoxModel, calling it FIleThumbnailsComponent.

It looks like TableListBox[/Model] require a header for laying things out, which makes me think it’s meant more for sets of columns of data, as opposed to a grid of thumbnails like I’m trying to generate. So ultimately, what I’d like to know is… is this the approach you’d recommend to solve this problem? Or is there a better approach? Or is there possible something existing that does this, even, that someone’s already done? :slight_smile:


hmm… I’d probably avoid using a table, it wouldn’t add anything that’s very helpful, and would add a lot of unnecessary baggage.

The cleanest way to do it would be to just use a Viewport and put your icons in it. Or you could use a listbox with rows that contain multiple icons, and that’s take care of all the scrolling for you. I’d probably go for the Viewport method myself, though either would be fine.