Best way to learn juce

What’s the best way to learn JUCE? Specifically, I’m interested in making a live sampler that plays samples when I press butons on a midi controller, and also makes programmable midi output.

It depends largely on how much experience you have with C++ and GUI programming. Coming from Qt, JUCE was super fast and easy for me to pick up, and frankly it’s a lot better IMO.

What you’re after can definitely be accomplished faster with JUCE alone than anything else, but it might not a good beginner project if you’re brand new to JUCE, audio programming, or C++.

A good place to start would be with the basics of setting up your program. The first thing you should try tackling is enumerating MIDI/audio devices, displaying the options in a ComboBox, and detecting which one gets selected from the drop down menu. From there, try sending audio/MIDI signals to the selected devices, then start receiving them. From there, accomplishing what you’re after should be easy.

You should also look at the tutorials: