Better control of CD burners?

Hello, JUCE people! This is my first post here, searched for a while to find more information both in the source code and this forum.

I’m interested in writing an application which includes CD burning…
[] Is there any way to detect if a burn has failed?[/]
[] Is there some way to find out how fast the CD writer is expected to be?[/]
[] Is there some way to set the speed of the CD writer?[/]
[] If your Audio Source blocks before the CD finishes writing, do you get a buffer underrun?[/]
[] Where’s the code for the AudioCDWriter in Windows and Linux? I can only see it for Mac OS/X.[/][/list]
Sorry for bursting in on you with all these questions! Thanks in advance.

Ah, it’s really just a simple class, it was never supposed to be a fully-featured cd-burning library! But feel free to offer any mods if you’re doing in-depth stuff and find there are some things that you need!

It’s not implemented on linux, and I would imagine it’d be a horrible nightmare to try to do so, but is certainly there on windows if you enable the right flag in juce_Config.h (disabled by default, maybe)

That was fast, friction burns on my browser! :smiley:

Well, I only really care about OS/X and Windows, so that’s no big deal. Found the source for Windows too…

All right, doable then. I’m still in the early phases! Thanks for the info…