Big Sur - asserts on all MIDI messages

I’m getting asserts on all incoming midi messages in standalone plugins in Big Sur.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Grab JUCE in the latest develop branch
  2. Create any new plugin template using either CMake or the Projucer
  3. Enable MIDI input and output
  4. Run the standalone plugin and configure the audio interface and midi keyboard in the ‘options’ menu.
  5. Play a MIDI note.

In my case, it asserts in juce_MidiMessageCollector.cpp at:

    // the messages that come in here need to be time-stamped correctly - see MidiInput
    // for details of what the number should be.
    jassert (message.getTimeStamp() != 0);

Tested on two different intel mac machines and two different midi keyboards.

Been reported already 16 days ago, I guess with Christmas/NYE not much happened and unlikely for another week at least.

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Ah yes, I missed that post. I’ll respond there (As I’ve found the cause of the bug).

Thank you!

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