Bit transparent Audio IO Devices (raw DSD or DoP support)

I need transparency for my audio IO i.e. to make sure the (integer) samples I output to an AudioIODevice (e.g. ASIO and WASAPI here) get exactly bit transparent at the hardware device’s input. So far with the current Juce AudioIODevice classes (Manager, callbacks and Device) it always uses an intermediate 32 bit floating point conversion, which can be transparent when using for example 24 bit Linear PCM but not in my case (DSD over PCM aka DoP), for which one byte is used as a flag.
I need to write some custom implementation of the current involved classes to achieve this, but since I had the feeling that something was planned in the future for DSD support, I was wondering what was the chosen approach for such development, if anyone at ROLI already started something about it…


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