Bizarre VS Express 2013 linker errors

I am attempting to compile my project on VS for the first time. I made a new Introjucer project file, added all my headers and source files, saved the project and opened in VS. When I try to compile, I get only a few linker errors (which is confusing to me...why only a few and not for the whole Juce library?)

The functions I'm getting linker errors for are TextButton::getFont(), Synthesiser::setCurrentPlayBackSamplerate(double),  and ListBoxModel::backgroundClicked(), for the full errors, see this:

I was able to compile the plugin host demo in VS, so I know that my process can't be too far out there. I compared my VS project file settings with the project that compiles to the one that doesn't, and I can't see any major differences that would cause a linker error with SOME elements of the Juce library..scratching my head over this.


I got it to work! I think the problem was my source was using a slightly different version of the Juce library than what VS was linking against.