Blank plug-in window (problem verified with latest tip)

In Reaper, it is possible to load plug-ins in a separate processes, so not to harm the “main” one with the host, in case one of them crashes (or whatever reason, anyway).

When a JUCE plug-in is opened this way, the window for the editor gets correctly created, but nothing is painted in there, so the content of the window is completely white.

The behaviour is reproducible with the Juce Demo Plug-in from the latest git commit of JUCE.
I am working on MacOS X 10.6, using the 32 bit version of the latest Reaper.

The “load in a different process” option can be found in Reaper’s preferences: Choose the “Plug-ins” entry and select “In separate plug-in process” from the combo labeled “VST/AU bridging/firewalling”

Since the plug-in gets its process when loaded, to attempt a debug I had to start Reaper, load the plug-in and only at that point Attach the XCode debugger to the bridging process. I haven’t been able to do much from there though, because the paint () method seems to be called, but after a few iterations into that the bridging process exited (???)

Any clues?

Could this have something to do with the changes to the String class?

No, it can’t be: the changes to String are quite recent, while this problem also happens with a JUCE tip taken back in May 2010

I’ve no idea how they’ve implement that, but mixing up windows from one process inside another process is never going to be straightforward…

well, indeed the window of the second process is completely separated from the main one, but still it’s blank.
You can try it yourself as Reaper is downloadable with no charge (although a license should be purchased after some time, no limitations are triggered, so I think using it for debugging is quite a “fair” usage)