Block Example Applications Crash When Lightpad Block is Connected



I’m using Projucer 5.1.1 with VS2017 Community on latest Windows 10 build and after launching any of the Blocks example applications, they crash once I connect a Lightpad block (latest firmware). Nothing is showing up in logs, and I can’t debug because process terminates before VS has loaded the debugger. Also the Windows driver used for the Lightpad block is 2/24/2017 provided by ROLI.


My Windows 10 build is 15063 and my Lightpad Block firmware is 0.2.6. I would assume this is a very common development environment, and a very common JUCE scenario.

Is there anyone out there with a similar setup that can comment on the whether or not they are experiencing this issue?


You should launch the app using the debugger! Should be very easy to see what’s going on if you catch it and get a stack trace.


When I build and run the BlocksDrawing example through VS2017 it works as expected. The crash only happens when built and run via Projucer. I’ll update the question category to reflect this.

Also, in the BlocksDrawing example, commenting out line 34 in MainComponent.cpp:

topologySource.addListener (this);

Prevents the app from crashing, but as expected it also does not respond at all to the block being connected. Removing this line from the other Blocks examples does not have the same effect however, perhaps they have multiple topology detection listeners. So I suspect a simple topology detection app would be the best for identifying this issue.

If there is a way to live debug an app built within Projucer please let me know.


Two other items worth mentioning:

When building and running this example in Projucer, after launching the app, the project is recompiled every time at launch whether continuous compiling is checked or not.

Also, in Projucer after closing the stable app manually (with topology commented out) or when the faulty version crashes and closes on its own, the familiar “JIT Process stopped responding” error is shown every time.


Can someone comment whether or not they are experiencing this issue with the same configuration? I’d like to investigate this issue further, but if it is simply an issue with Projucer I’d rather focus my efforts towards other issues.