Block Size on iOS 8

Thanks for the report. I’ll have a look.

Thanks Fabian.

Hi Fabian, maybe this will help - maybe not. If I use Hanley’s modified ios audio files for AB then it works fine to set the sample rate and blocksize.

PS.: just replace (and add a & before)
“nbsp;” with " "
“lt;” with “<”
“gt;” with “>”
“amp;” with “&”

Somebody should fix the forum code block merge bugs - its a pain to use it - cost a lot of time - and it is not fair to the people who spend a lot of time to post and generate it.
Additionally are a lot of links in the forum broken - also not good and should be fixed.

FYI code actually works perfectly well on the forum if you use markdown correctly - just indent any code by 4 spaces and AFAIK it should all be fine.

Hi Jules, I mean already posted code. Excuse me for my English faults - I do my best.

Here a screen of the posted code.

Or is my browser broken?

In that particular post it’s not a display issue with the forum - that’s the text that he actually pasted into his post! I guess his browser/text editor/whatever mangled the &nbsp stuff but it’s not something that the forum is doing wrong, and we could only fix it by manually unmangling his text.

In that thread are all code blocks broken - and I mean it was looking OK in the old forum. So I was thinking that this was a merge error and maybe fixable.

Ah, maybe it was imported incorrectly from the old forum. Don’t think we can do anything about that.

I’ve made another change to how iOS buffer sizes are handled. See this thread for details:

Please test the develop branch and report back any issues.