Blocking the audio callback


If I block the audio callback on Mac or Windows does that only break audio for my application or does it risk stopping system or other application audio? Or is it driver dependant even…


On mac other audio get’s stuck too, as I experienced… Worth trying, if there is a difference in debug or release though…



I was hoping this was going to be easy :slight_smile: Will make sure we test and see what happens then…


Specifically this is for a streaming audio player, which could go silent if there wasn’t any audio.

But AudioFormatReader has no way to tell the AudioFormatReaderSource that reading has failed and that it should not increment it’s position pointer. So read either needs to block, or I need to to write a whole load of code to put some error handling in here to cope with internet delays.


if I’m debugging an app that uses AudioDeviceManager and I stop on a breakpoint on the audio thread, any videos playing in the browser (e.g Youtube or Hulu) will no longer have sound until I continue execution.


I was vaguely hoping I’d finished writing this streaming player, but it seems not…