Blocks synthdemo not working?

Hi, just testing my new block and the other 2 demos seem to work but the synth demo always shows “Connect a lightpad to play” even though one is connected. The block does seem to respond however, but no audio is output.


What type of BLOCK do you have connected?

A lightpad-M

The program is implemented in a way where the message will always be displayed even with a connected block.

One problem I can think of is that it initialises with the default audio device and may be somehow selecting the wrong device.

Have you tried updating the firmware of the block? I just tested with an M and it seems to work fine on my side.

hi. updated the firmware no change.

I also can’t change between any of the demos without shutting down/restarting the block. Is that the same for you?

The Littlefoot program is loaded dynamically every time the JUCE program is run so there shouldn’t be any problem switching unless the previous program is stuck in flash memory.

Try a hard reset of the device as described on the ROLI support site.

hi - thx.

tried that - i think the reset worked (the block clears and shows the battery indicator)

still same behaviour - if I select blocksdrawingdemo, everything is fine, but clicking on either of the other 2 demos make the block unresponsive until i power it down and up again, or close down the demorunner and start it up again.

FYI, switching apps on the ROLI Dashboard is not a problem - just seems to be the demos that are behaving strangely.

If I understand correctly, you are loading the synth demo through the Dashboard?

No, through the JUCE demo runner.

Everything through the Dashboard is working ok. When I try to run demos from the demorunner is when I’m having problems. thx

Ok got it, will get that fixed soon

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Should be fixed on develop shortly.

great, thx for that. One other question, is the source code available for the programs in the Dashboard? Would make a great learning resource. thx

Check out the factory script folder.

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thx. synthdemo fixed now - still can’t switch between the demos without shutting down demorunner/restating the block however. Looks like there might be a hardware fault on the block so maybe this is causing an issue.

It appears you have to restart the block to switch between demos but no need to shutdown the Demorunner.

ok, thx - at least it’s not my block then - shutting down the demorunner seems to achieve the same result