Blurring only curved path sections?


Any good way to just blur some sections of a path? The obvious example - in this case the correct one - is a rounded rect, where I need to soften the curved corners while leaving the horizontal and verticals sharp. In essence, I want to crank up the anti-aliasing variably.

I’m aware of the trick glow effect uses - a gaussian blur kernel, but that would do all edges, afaict.



Can you post a sample image?


Something like this:[attachment=0]SoftCornerRoundRect.png[/attachment]

Looks like the blur would have to be rolled off as the line straightens up, but this would probably do it.

I did this in PhotoShop by blurring a rect then putting solids over it. I suppose I could do the same… but if there’s a way to get the path to do it, it would be best.