BMP, TGA, XPM support


not sure if this is the right forum but … I really miss the support for these 3 formats…
I found XPM very handy for programmers because its a text file format, easy to cut&paste into source files.

By any chance can we have these 3 in the near future ?


Can’t really see the point of BMP and XPM to be honest… BMP’s a rubbish format compared to PNG, and if I’m pasting image files into code, I just use binarybuilder to stuff a PNG in there. Didn’t someone post a BMP loader on the forum?

yep I know bmp is weak, but a BMP loader in juce would be “platform independent” and properly integrated with the API… for example my application uses BMP for resource data and cant switch to png because it would brakes backwards compatibility :frowning:

Kraken has posted a bmp loader on the source exchange…