Book recommendation for C++ & GUI patterns?


as the title already suggests: Can you recommend any books or web-resources for learning useful C++ design patterns, especially in connection with graphical user interfaces?


If you are going to program with Juce, I suppose the Juce tutorials and examples/demos are going to be more helpful than some generic explanation. Is there some particular thing you are having problems with?

...As for design patterns, I can tell you from experience that the classic GoF stuff is very much still relevant to the design of a modern GUI application!


As I said in another comment here, I enjoyed reading the GoF book, and while the book's descriptions of the patterns is a bit unnecessarily complex, you can with benefit complement the book with the dofactory website.

@Xenkios: Actually, I was looking for more general resources, not necessary specific to Juce. But maybe I should have a look at how the Introjucer is programmed.

@onar3d: Thanks for the advice. And yes, I have been peeking at the Gang of Four book. Maybe I just should go ahead and buy it :-)