Boutique Audio Plugin company hiring JUCE Freelancers

Hello! My name is Joey Sturgis, owner and founder of Joey Sturgis Tones

Our company specializes in creating solution-based audio plugins designed by me (a music producer) and built for producers, engineers, and musicians. Our tools are useful even to creators that might be lacking technical audio knowledge. For example, our best selling product, Gain Reduction Deluxe, is a vocal compressor that is controlled with three simple controls: Slay, Body, and Gain. We have a wide variety of audio plugins available as you can see on our website. (See more about Gain Reduction Deluxe here: )

We are hiring programmers to program new audio plugin designs and tools compatible with VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, RTAS 32 and 64 bit (where applicable) for Windows and Mac. We typically pay an up front fee (whatever you quote the design to cost according to how much time you feel you will need to complete it) along with a back-end perpetual royalty on sales which is attached to keeping the plugin compatible as computers, operating systems, and DAWs change over time.

If this sounds good to you please email me with your experience and resume and even some examples of your work at


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