Bozdigitallabs Imerial Delay Crashes Juce Host

The bozdigitallabs Imperial Delay

Crashes my host and the Juce demo host.

It is only the AU version that crashes and, according to our uses, this "used to work" ( some months ago)

The crash happens in  void refreshParameterList() override of AudioUnitPluginFormat

Commenting out the code in this function makes the plugin load.

There is a free demo version of the plugin here:


Where the host is open-source and the plugin is closed-source, and the crash is inside the closed-source plugin (which I assume is the case here?) then obviously it's only the plugin authors can debug it fully to see what going on.

Even if the fault was at our end, we can't magically see inside their code and know what we're doing that makes their code crash - they'd need to tell us what's going on for us to be able to help.

I fully agree, just putting it out there.

I'll contact them and let them know