BPM Reader

Hi Jucer’s,

I’m somewhat of a noob but does anyone have any advice/tips on building a bpm reader similar to what comes with logic pro?

I’d like to make one as a learning project.


the current project’s bpm can be read from here: https://docs.juce.com/master/structAudioPlayHead_1_1CurrentPositionInfo.html

if you mean detecting the bpm of a complex signal that’s more complicated ofc

thank you @hdlAudio that is helpful. I really just want it to autodetect the bpm of a drum beat and display it on the screen. Like a hiphop beat or a pop beat. Something in 4/4 time.

Do you have any tips on how to go about building it? I am new to Juce and am looking into some courses. Any advice for how you got started would be amazing!


unfortunately i haven’t written a bpm detector myself yet, but i know that people often talk about envelope detection when they want to make one

There are different levels. Minimum is to detect transients or sudden jumps in the envelope as mentioned before.
An improvment is to check autocorrelation, so you also know when the pattern repeats.

Google finds many approaches, I remember this one (OBTAIN) was mentioned to be a good one:

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I found this

Does anyone have any thoughts if I were to use this as a template, would that be practical?