BR: Incorrect SystemStats info on Apple Silicon

CPU Vendor is empty
Megahertz is 0
Neon is no

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doCPUID is probably dead in the water seeing that Apple Silicon is ARM64 and this system stats func is for Intel only…

We can use sysctl with hw.optional.neon to check for Neon support, but I’m not sure about the others: hw.cpufrequency is missing on Apple silicon, as is machdep.cpu.vendor and we also can’t use cpuid here like we do for Intel as it uses Intel-specific inline ASM.

Wouldn’t this simply be “Apple”?

I wouldn’t worry about the other extensions since ARM just doesn’t support them (eg: MMX, FMA, SSE, AVX).

It is definitely strange to hear that hw.tbfrequency is missing though… Have you given this a shot: ?

I think it should be the processor ID which is a specific 12 character string like “GenuineIntel” or “AuthenticAMD” but I don’t know whether this is supported on ARM.

My mistake, I meant hw.cpufrequency not tbfrequency - I’ve edited my post.