Break link to Jack?

I need to make a version without jack support - my target machines don’t have it.

I set Jack 0, and did a clean, recompiled juce and my app, and I still end up with a link. It’s not linked anyway in my codeblocks project, AFAICT.

I also see the jack cpp file still in the project, but it’s def’ed out. I don’t see in the makefile anywhere the lib is linked in. Any ideas? My system wouldn’t be just deciding to give me jack, would it?


Can’t really think what to suggest - all the jack code will be safely ifdef’ed out if you disable the flag, and it dynamically loads the dll, so there’s nowhere else that would contain any links to the lib…

Yeah, you’re right. libavcodec however, wasn’t so polite. Configure had found and linked to Jack. I had to uninstall jack, rebuild all my ffmpeg libs, and start over.

Thanks though. Like the new ‘insta-makefiles’ system!