Breaking change: Added an option to declare plug-in parameters as either continuous or discrete, irrespective of their number of steps

For completeness sake and in case it might help someone else:

Regarding RTAS / AAX and parameter automation compatibility, when not using AudioProcessorParameter(WithID) etc. classes:

  • using the old RTAS version of my plugin, I created automation ramps in Pro Tools 10 going from min. to max. (Pro Tools shows text representations of the values when editing the ramps, not just 0.0 to 1.0)
    –> parameters effectively go from their min. to their max. values when automation is played back
  • I then saved the session and re-opened it in Pro Tools 2018 using the AAX 64-bit version of the plugin I recently built (after having overridden getAAXPluginIDForMainBusConfig, see here for that:
    –> ramps still look the same, and parameters still effectively go from their min. to their max. value as expected

So it looks like this is working fine for AAX when not using the parameter classes.
I did this with JUCE_FORCE_USE_LEGACY_PARAM_IDS not enabled + JUCE_FORCE_LEGACY_PARAMETER_AUTOMATION_TYPE enabled (but then also tried with both flags not enabled and that worked fine too, so that flag doesn’t seem to make a difference for my plugin).

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