Broken pipes?

I’m using named pipes for IPCs and suddenly it seems that the code doesn’t work anymore. It still does on Mac, and I don’t think I changed it at all. Apparently, the “connectToPipe” method can’t connect to the pipe.

Because my debugging was leading to nowhere (i.e everything was correct but it was just not working) , I took the precompiled juce demo and tried to use the pipes,a nd to my surprise, it didn’t work either !

The listening pipe loses the connection immediately :

[quote]Waiting for another app to connect to this pipe…
Connection #3 - connection started
Connection #3 - connection lost

and obviously, the client pipe can’t connect.

So before trying to debug the demo, I’m wondering if other people can reproduce this problem on windows, using juce demo ?

Did anybody try ?

I’m going to need that stuff to be rock-solid when I port the Projucer to windows, so I’ll certainly be on the case soon-ish, but can’t take a look right now…

Great ! - By the way, the projucer is amazing from the screen cast !

I could reproduce the problem on another win7 (x32) machine. The sockets don’t work anymore as well .

Is this still broken?  I was having problems with named pipes as well, so I fired up the juce demo and found that they aren't working in the demo either.  Win7 32-bit.