Browser plugin Full Screen

Hello. Is it possible to set  BrowserPluginComponent in fulscreen mode?

I'm newbie in C++ )). 

My HTML code is:

<embed id="plugin" src="" type="application/devline-plugin" width="640" height="480"  allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed>


And in c++ i try like this:


  BrowserPluginComponent->getPeer()->setFullScreen(true); - But it doesn't work



Also i want to try this:

HWND hwnd = BrowserPluginComponent->getgetWindowHandle();


But i think its bad idea )))



My best Regards

No chance! It's an embedded window. You need to use HTML/JS to make the browser go fullscreen, the plugin can't do that.

But how VLC player plugin works, for example? Spy++ show that it use win32 window (HWND)

yes, but you can't make a child window fullscreen. It's the browser that needs to go fullscreen.

Ok i Think i solve it 

                             DialogWindow* dw = options.launchAsync();
                                Desktop& desktop = Desktop::getInstance();                                

Thats works for me!


And now i wonder how i can trigger (or detecting) close event of the window? In manual i find something about setContentOwned() and  StandaloneFilterWindow::closeButtonPressed() - is that right direction?

Or maybe it just ESC key pressed event?