BubbleComponent remove arrow

I’m trying to remove the array from BubbleMessageComponent, by setting arrowLength to 0. Seems to have no effect whatever value I give it.

In my constructor:

bubbleMessage.setPosition (myComponent, 15, 0);
bubbleMessage.setAllowedPlacement (BubbleMessageComponent::below);

And then when I want to show the message:

            bubbleMessage.showAt (myComponent, 
                    AttributedString ("My message"), 1500);

I’ve followed the code through and arrowLength is used, but it does not seem to affect the actual size of the arrow.

Answered my own question in record time.
The code needs to be after the call to showAt:

bubbleMessage.showAt (myComponent, AttributedString("My message"), 1500);
bubbleMessage.setPosition (myComponent, 15, -1);

EDIT: and also arrowLength needs to be -1 to completely get rid of it!

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