Bug: How to disable default mute on Standalone Plugins for iOS?

Standalone Plugins mute input by default to avoid feedback loop. Does anyone know how to disable this safety system?

The mute/unmute state is saved and restored on Windows and Mac. However, it does not work like that on iOS.

also noticed thist: seems like this is broken with the last JUCE updates.

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In a recent iOS app I had to modify the standalone wrapper code directly to disable this feature.


ok, so this is a bug apparently. can OP R1D1 file this as a bug here?

Thanks, PaulDriessen and rory.

I added “Bug:” in the topic title and set the category as “MacOSX and iOS”.

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In the StandaloneFilterWindow.h, saving and restoring the mute state is explicitly disabled on Android and iOS, so this is working as intended.

If you want to save and restore the state, you can set the JUCE_USE_CUSTOM_PLUGIN_STANDALONE_APP preprocessor definition in your project, and then supply your own custom JUCEApplication to use. You can use the code in juce_audio_plugin_client_Standalone.cpp and juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h as a starting point.

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ok, tnx…
having to instantiate a complete custom app for this trivial issue is a bit of a bummer.
A short code example would be nice then.

I got it. Thank you!