Bug in PropertiesFile::Options::getDefaultFile()?

I'm using v3.0.0-34-g86d03cc on linux.  The documentation for PropertiesFile::Options::getDefaultFile() says this:

"On Linux it'll return ~/.[folderName]/[applicationName].[filenameSuffix]"

But when I use PropertiesFile and Options, it is missing the "." before the folder name.  Should I specify the "." when I give it the folder name, or will that mess things up when I get around to compiling all this code for Windows?



Sorry, I think it's the documentation that's wrong on that - it does just add the folder name without the dot. That's how I think it should work, and TBH even if I didn't, I couldn't change it without breaking people's code, so I'll update the comment.

Unfortunately there's not really a perfect cross-platform way to set-up all these folders, I always end up with #if JUCE_WINDOWS.. etc in my apps to get the folders right on each machine, I think that's probably inevitable.