[Bug] Juce and Synergy

Hey guys,
I’m using Synergy which is a software who combines your desktop devices together in to one cohesive experience. It’s software for sharing your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk. It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
That is a great tool if u working on a Software which is running on win & mac.
So i found the follow Bug:

Is a Synergy host running on my windows PC, my Juce code isn’t detect any “Mouse Clicks” or “Keyboard tabs”.
I’m not sure if that is a problem from Juce or Synergy (everything else is working fine for me just Juce makes some troubles :frowning: ) If i shut down the Synergy host everything is working fine. So I’m thinking that it is a problem with the virtual mouse or what else Synergy is using.

If i should test anything for you just let me know.

Maybe u can have a look on it.


Is there a demo of synergy. Couldn’t find one on their homepage.

No demo on their homepage, but it was free to version 1.5, check google you will find a host :slight_smile:

OK just installed synergy on my mac and windows pc. I tried setting the windows pc as the host and the other way around. Both times I could not re-produce your problem. Tab&clicks work fine. I simply used the Projucer (on windows and mac) to test clicks and tabs.

If I understand you correctly, your juce app doesn’t receive mouse clicks on Windows, right? Is this only with your app or does this also happen with the Projucer, for example? If yes, can you try setting a break point at the point where the OS sends us the mouse-click and key callbacks (line juce_win32_Windowing.cpp:2477). Does it hit this breakpoint when clicking? If yes, then keep on stepping in the debugger and try to find out where it drops the event. As a comparison, run the same app with the same breakpoint without synergy and try to figure out where the program flow differs.

I’d bet it’s the same Synergy problem that’s existed for the entirety of Synergy’s lifespan. I’m not entirely sure how Synergy works, but it causes a LOT of stuff that relies on OS mouse input to flip out. I gave up on it years ago. Try playing almost any game with a Synergy mouse and you’ll see it immediately. A quick Google will show you hundreds of complaints about it going back a decade+ with the easiest solution being to just use something else.