Bug: juce_audiosubsectionreader.h needs a base member

Hi Admins,

In Vstudio2015 and in the last development juce branch (id: 806d99), ther is a little bug:

1>c:\intlaas\00 sdks\juce\modules\juce_audio_formats\format\juce_audiosubsectionreader.h(81): warning C4266: 'void juce::AudioFormatReader::readMaxLevels(juce::int64,juce::int64,float &,float &,float &,float &)': no override available for virtual member function from base 'juce::AudioFormatReader'; function is hidden
1>  c:\intlaas\00 sdks\juce\modules\juce_audio_formats\format\juce_audioformatreader.h(160): note: see declaration of 'juce::AudioFormatReader::readMaxLevels'
1>  c:\intlaas\00 sdks\juce\modules\juce_audio_formats\format\juce_audioformatreader.h(39): note: see declaration of 'juce::AudioFormatReader'

As you can see at juce_audiosubsectionreader.h, it only needs to implement the base member.

Thank you,


Hi Gabriel,

I can’t reproduce this warning using VS2015 and the latest develop. Looking at the AudioSubsectionReader class I can’t see why there would be a warning either, the AudioFormatReader::readMaxLevels method that it is complaining about is just a virtual method of the base class so it shouldn’t need to be implemented.