Bug: Juce::Convolution is always trimming impulse response

I think I´ve found a bug in juce_Convolution.cpp, which leads to the impulse response always being trimmed.
The case “ChangeRequest::changeTrimming” (in line 597) is never reached.
On further investigation I found that in all functions “loadImpulseResponse” the function call pimpl->addToFifo (types, parameters, 3); is called with 3 arguments, but should be called with 4 arguments to take into account a change of trimming behaviour.
Hope it hasn´t been reported before, but I couldn´t find anything about it.

Thanks for the report, the bug is there in the main branch but it has already been solved on the develop branch :wink:


Alright, thanks for the reply!
I even checked the main branch online, but did not think to check the develop branch. Will do so next time.