Bug (?): Jucer hangs with multi-line member initialisers

I think I found a somewhat alarming bug in the Jucer. Be careful when trying this as you may have to power-cycle. Saw it on XP, don’t know about OS X:

  1. Fill in the Member Initialisers field with something having multiple lines – i.e. carriage returns

  2. Save the file

  3. Quickly do a force-quit (if you can) before the Jucer completely freezes your machine

The second time this happened, I had to forcibly power-cycle my computer. But that’s XP’s fault for allowing a runaway user process to hijack the system. Amateurs.

True that there’s a bug - it’s just a typo, in jucer_GeneratedCode.cpp, line 200 should read:

while (init.endsWithChar (T(','))) init = init.dropLastCharacters (1);

…but what kind of crazy system are you running where a busy application locks up your machine?? The only way for an app to do that is for it to put itself into realtime priority mode - are you doing that??

Thanks for the bugfix!

Well, I’m running Windows XP SP2. On a Dell laptop. :slight_smile:

One would think so, but I’m certainly not doing that.

I can’t explain it either. Windows rots in mysterious ways.