[bug] Projucer does not build on master branch with XCode 11.5 due to Point ambiguity

I’m on the latest master branch, and just tried to build the Projucer (using XCode Version 11.5 (11E608c)), and that didn’t work.
There are multiple errors saying that Point is ambiguous.
I had to replace several Point references in the JUCE code with juce::Point in several files in order to get the Projucer to build.
Since this is on master: @t0m could you please fix this (one would expect to be able to build the Projucer out-of-the-box especially on the master branch).
Here’s a patch of what I had to change for master:
patch.diff (5.8 KB)

This commit on the develop branch fixes Xcode compatibility:

It’ll make its way onto the master branch when we do a merge of develop before the JUCE 6 release in the next few days.

OK, I see. Thanks for the fast reply.
I’m not keen on switching at this moment to the develop or JUCE 6 branch (would need to check the breaking changes first etc…), so I’ll probably stick to XCode 11.3 for now (I still have a copy around).
So what’s the plan:

  • merge develop into master in the next days (last JUCE 5 release)?
  • merge JUCE 6 into develop (and from then on development is for JUCE 6)?

Oh, I forgot previously but if you were to cherry-pick that fix over, you’d also need this commit:

Yep pretty much, although there won’t be a final point release - we’ll just merge develop into master.

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