[Bug?] Projucer doesn't redraw components on mouseEnter / mouseExit


  1. Open JuceDemo.jucer in Projucer 4.2.3
  2. Build > Enable Compilation
  3. Build > Launch Application
  4. In the running Demo app, browse to Tabs & Widgets > Buttons [tab]
  5. Try hovering over buttons - note that their mouseOver state is not shown
  6. Try clicking on a button - note that after clicking, the mouseOver state is shown until you click outside the Component

Expected Behaviour

Buttons are drawn with mouseOver state whilst, and only whilst the mouse coordinates are within the Button bounds

Actual Behaviour

  • Buttons are not drawn with mouseOver state on mouseEnter
  • Once clicked, buttons are drawn with mouseOver state until you subsequently click outside the button bounds

Note* This affects individual components running in the JIT engine as well as whilst running the whole application inside the Projucer. It does not seem to be limited to Button and its subclasses.

OS X 10.11.6
JUCE 4.2.3

Edit: Now submitted as an issue on GitHub

Hi willrice,

Thanks for this bug report too. As in your other, similar, report we’re aware of the problem but I’m afraid it will take a while to fix!