[Bug?] Projucer steals keystrokes from JIT components / running app


  1. Open JuceDemo.jucer in Projucer 4.2.3
  2. Build > Enable Compilation
  3. Build > Launch Application
  4. In the running Demo app, browse to the Code Editor, or HTTP demos
  5. Attempt data entry from keyboard

Expected behaviour:

Keystroke events make it to the running application when it has keyFocus / is the foreground window.

Actual behaviour:

Keystroke events are consumed by the Projucer. If the code editor has keyboardFocus in the Projucer, then keystrokes will end up there instead of making it to the running application, even if the application is the foreground window.

Note* This affects individual components running in the JIT engine as well as whilst running the whole application inside the Projucer.

OS X 10.11.6
JUCE 4.2.3

Edit: Now submitted as an issue on GitHub

Hi willrice,

Thanks for the bug report. This is on our radar, but it’s not an easy fix; it’s difficult to manage the keyboard and mouse focus with all the other interprocess communication required to get the live build running.