Bug report, Projucer 5.2.1, ViewPort with Jucer content, Windows 7

Hi, Projucer is generating a #include in the ViewPort’s .cpp file with a path
to Projucer’s .exe folder. It is also sometimes creating 0-length copies of
my source files in the .exe folder.

I tracked the cause to this call in jucer_ViewportHandler.h:
code.includeFilesCPP.add (doc->getHeaderFile()
.getRelativePathFrom (code.document->getCppFile().getParentDirectory())
.replaceCharacter (’\’, ‘/’));
By comparison, jucer_TabbedComponentHandler.h does just this:
code.includeFilesCPP.add (jucerCpp.withFileExtension (".h"));

I do not (yet) have version 5.3 of Projucer.

Thanks for the report, there will be a fix for this on the develop branch shortly.