[Bug] setClickingTogglesState(bool) does not lock-up in Lookandfeel_V3


Hi Community,

Despite I could get wrong, Button::setClickingTogglesState(bool) does not manage to lock-up a TextButton component in Look and feel V3.

Easy to reproduce, make a new Projucer app, add a textbutton, launch an IDE (VS2015 in my case), modify parent component’s constructor:


Compile and run. In my case, mouse click does not toggle the button state.

Nevertheless if you change to another look and feel version:

this->setLookAndFeel(new LookAndFeel_V1);  // V2 also works

everything works flawlessly.

On the other, hand, I am aware that in Demo Projucer project it works in the three lookandfeel versions, but here, it does not (in my case)

Thank you!

Gabriel Solsona


Are you sure it’s not working? Maybe just that the lookandfeel doesn’t draw it any differently when toggled?