Bug: Some incorrect strings returned in AudioChannelSet::getDescription()

When representing audio channels, the period separates full bandwidth channels from LFE. In other words, 5.1 means 5 discrete “normal” channels with 1 channel dedicated to Low Frequency Effects (aka Sub/bass).

The names of the functions returning audio channels with LFE are appropriately named, but the description strings are not.

I believe the function should be corrected and simplified to what’s below. Note that I removed the redundant (+Lfe) (basically, no shit there’s LFE! :slight_smile:).

    if (*this == create5point0())      return "5.0 Surround";
    if (*this == create5point1())      return "5.1 Surround";
    if (*this == create6point0())      return "6.0 Surround";
    if (*this == create6point1())      return "6.1 Surround";
    if (*this == create6point0Music()) return "6.0 (Music) Surround";
    if (*this == create6point1Music()) return "6.1 (Music) Surround";
    if (*this == create7point0())      return "7.0 Surround";
    if (*this == create7point1())      return "7.1 Surround";
    if (*this == create7point0SDDS())  return "7.0 Surround SDDS";
    if (*this == create7point1SDDS())  return "7.1 Surround SDDS";

Thanks! This will be on develop soon!