Bug: The ANSI <-> Unicode conversion

Hi, Julian.

It’s not a bug actually, I think :slight_smile:
In your demo app, I was testing the interprocess demo page and noticed that when I was sending the Cyrillic (Russian) messages they become corrupted at the receiving side. No matter the way I sent (pipes or socket). I think the problem is that the framework cannot detect ANSI or Unicode sequence is used when received. This problem appears again in your Audio demo page. The point is that I use Russian WindowsXP (SP2). The device name is shown corrupted when opening audio settings dialog to tune the settings. That’s because the default DirectSound device name is in the Russian language.

The last question, Julian. How to overwrite the default language settings? I mean those that are hardcoded (e.g. context menu in a edit component).

Maybe UTF-8 must be considered instead of Unicode in some places of the framework?

Yes, I ought really to change everything to UTF-8 rather than the locale-specific encoding. It’s on the to-do-list…

DSound should be using unicode, but I notice that it’s not at the moment for some reason. I’ll sort that out for the next release, it’s not a big deal to change.

Not sure about the sockets though. I’ll note it down and take a look soon.