BUG - unknown type name

Hello! I’m getting started with JUCE for the first time and I have a variety of errors out of the box stating “unknown type name ‘_Variant_BOOL’; did you mean Variant_BOOL?” and “cannot combine with previous type names”

I haven’t done anything this is literally after download, out of the box so to speak.

I did fix the target global paths as my windows target platform was out of whack. Anyone seen anything like this? I’ve scoured the boards but nothing obvious.

You should clone the repo instead of downloading it. Since you’re new to JUCE and are using windows, have a look at this.

Sweet, hey thanks so much for the reply!! I’ll see if this works.


Thanks again for the link, I finally got back to this. I finally found what the target issue was! I needed to rightclick the solution to “retarget” the JUCE framework to go to the right SDK. I hope this helps someone!

Additionally I had to retarget the files in JUCE itself

You should not have had to do that…

Well, I did and it works, so guess that might be the solution.