Bug: uselss call to juce_TableHeaderComponent::beginDrag()

I’m still new to all of this so I am by no means an expert so if my analysis is incorrect my apologies - feel free to correct me.

It seems that a call to beginDrag() in juce_TableHeaderComponent is extraneous. Specifically

void TableHeaderComponent::mouseDrag (const MouseEvent& e)
 // ....
    else if (columnIdBeingDragged != 0)
        if (e.y >= -50 && e.y < getHeight() + 50)
            beginDrag (e);

If beginDrag() is called then we know columnIdBeingDragged is not zero. But the first thing beginDrag() does is check columnIdBeingDragged and only performs an action if it is zero:

void TableHeaderComponent::beginDrag (const MouseEvent& e)
    if (columnIdBeingDragged == 0)

I think that the call to beginDrag() in the first code snippet should be removed.

Wow - you’re doing some pretty detailed delving into the code, aren’t you!

Yes, I’d agree that that line is redundant, probably just a left-over artifact. Not harmful, but I’ll tidy it up - thanks!