Bug with OnlineUnlockStatus

I recently went through the OnlineUnlockStatus tutorial, played around with that demo build, then started integrating it into an existing plug-in project. I got got it mostly working, except for one bug:

If the login entered via the OnlineUnlockForm is accepted, but the returned security key is not valid, the “Registration Complete!” alert still pops up:

In this case, the OnlineUnlockForm object does not actually unlock (which is good), but the “Registration Complete” alert certainly makes it look like it did.

This is true for the demo project as well as the plug-in project I’m doing.

A quick way to test this, without having to re-generate the security key, is to change the value returned by the OnlineUnlockStatus class getProductID() method. That will invalidate the pre-generated security key.

PS: This is with JUCE 5.4.1