Bugged transport information in Bitwig Studio



I've noticed when you load a VST created with Juce in Bitwig, once Bitwig stops sending NoteOn/Offs after exactly two seconds it stops sending proper calls to processBlock() and the AudioPlayHead::CurrentPositionInfo.timeInSeconds contains a wrong time.

Example: you write a single 4-bar note in Bitwig sequencer. At 110 BPM, once the sequencer reach the 2 seconds time mark (before the end of the first bar), it stops calling the processBlock() function and the few calls it does after this, all of them have the same timeInSeconds.

This only happens when the AudioProcessorEditor is closed.


I'm pretty sure that this could be a Bitwig issue, but I'd like someone confirms me that it's not an issue from Juce plugins inside Bitwig.


Presumably it's an optimisation in BitWig to save CPU when tracks are inactive. You could probably fool it by sending midi keep-alive messages or very very low level audio occasionally.

Thanks for the reply. Bitwig emailed me to let me know, indeed, that it's a Bitwig optimization. If anyone is having this problem you must turn off the "Auto-suspend" in the plugin options.