Build Active Architecture Only

On OSX, this option is overriding my choice of architecture for my debug builds. Can the IntroJucer set it to false for all please, so the IJ architecture option works?

BTW - awesome job with IJ Mac settings part from that. It makes the cycle of adding files and building in Xcode very clean (although +1 on Vinn’s auto-adding files idea).


I kind of assumed that if you’re debugging, then you’re always going to be using the active architecture, because otherwise you can’t debug it… (right?)

Perhaps the correct thing to do would be to enabled it unless you choose an architecture setting other than “default”?

I sometimes send debug versions to clients etc., mainly to see if it runs on their machines, in which case debug info can help.

But mainly - if there’s only one choice in the IJ dialog, but a left over Xcode setting overrides it, then that’s just wrong.

In Mission Control:
Abort Self Destruct Sequence ___

In Shuttle:
Only Abort Self Destruct Sequence if in Simulator ____

Your fix sounds reasonable though. It’s a dumb setting in Xcode.


I’ve changed it now if you want to have a go…

Great, thanks. For my case - both debug and release specified as Universal, the destruct sequence aborted as required.

IntroJucer > Xcode getting smoother and smoother, thanks.