Build settings without introjucer

Hi I have a project that I need to assemble without using the introjucer to make the final XCode project. This is because I'm using a template project from another library to make an exporter. I made a Intojucer project to get the JUCE module folders I need copied locally. I copied all of these folders into my custom XCode project and attepted to build my demo, but I get 100s of undeclared identifier and unknownn type name errors eminating from the JUCE module code. WHat is the step I have missed?


Still no luck in getting this to work this morning. Apart from adding the frameworks / intorjucer generated JuceLibraryCode folder to the source tree, what additional steps are required?


The modules that I am using:








This is an iOS project that uses another library XCode template for the GUI stuff. I have added JUCE_IOS and NDEBUG proprocessor flags also.


Help would be awesome!



Impossible to help without knowing the actually errors, but most likely you're failing to include the AppConfig.h file somewhere, or set some kind of definition that the introjucer would normally add for you?

Nailed it . . . 


The steps are as follows . . 

1) Make your introjucer version of the XCode project (set copy mode for modules) and your other XCode project from whatever template

2) Add all of the frameworks used in the introjucer project to your custom project

3) Add all of the preprocessor flags from your introjucer project to your custom project.

4) Add the juceLibraryCode folder to your project

5) This is the one that had me - go to the "Build phases" tab of the target and remove everything from "Compile Sources". From each module, then add the .mm file with the name of the module. Finally remember to add any cpp files in your own source to the list.



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