Building a simple arp question

I’m coding a simple arpeggiator plugin (Up/Down). It processes few midi chords and it returns another set of notes. I do it modifying the MidiBuffer in process_block function and sending a NoteOn in each buffer. This means that if I’ve the chord 63, 66 and 70 in a “up” arp I obtain multiple NoteOn for the first 63 note until its NoteOff, then multiple NoteOn for the 66 note… etc.

Can this be a source of problems? Is there another way to do it if you cannot know the lenght of each arpeggio note? (is there any arp example?)

afaik the behaviour depends on the host and/or synth you are sending the midi to

it’s a few years ago since I last checked but at the time I believe Ableton Live 6 did not record overlapping notes with the same midi note number. That might have changed though…

Thanks for the nfo, anyway I’m going to try to send only noteon-off pairs because I think it could be dangerous

that’s the gate parameter, you can’t just send note-ons you need a note-off sent at some point, this is the gate time. some midi hardware accepts only note-ons but it’s for x0x style sequencers