Building Juce 1.52 with VS15 and windows 10


I am trying to build as per subject, and getting quite a few compilation errors.


I'll paste the first error:


Severity    Code    Description    Project    File    Line    Suppression State
Error    C2511    'bool juce::AudioFormatReader::read(int *const *,int,juce::int64,int,const bool)': overloaded member function not found in 'juce::AudioFormatReader'    Juce    C:\juce\src\audio\audio_file_formats\juce_AudioFormatReader.cpp    57    

If this gives any clues what might be wrong, great, otherwise let me know what other information would be helpful.


I have tried to build for win32 and x64 using the .sln file provided with the download.







Sorry, but 1.52 is ancient history. It pre-dates VS2015 by many years, and any changes that were needed to support VS2015 were long ago added to subsequent versions of juce.

The only sane thing to do is to move to a later version of juce and update whatever code you're trying to build. Or use VS2008 or whatever old compiler your project was originally written for.