Building macOS Project Using Static Library

I want to build a macOS self-contained app that will run on other machines without the need to dynamically link to the JUCE library code on those machines. Is there a setting in the Projucer to select between static linking and dynamic linking? The apps I build on my MAC fail on other MACS with the message “this application can’t be opened”. I did not have this problem using Projucer 5.4.7.

Juce is no dynamically linked library. JUCE always gets compiled along with your project code, you can especially notice this because the first compilation of your project will always take a bit longer. Therefore it is also a good idea to remove all modules from your project that are not really used in your app.

So your problem is probably something different. Did you check the deployment target settings of your project? If you are trying to open the application on some other system with an older macOS version this could lead to such problems. You can usually set your deployment target quite low in case you don’t explicitly access any newer macOS features.

Thank you. That at least eliminates one possible source of the problem.

I’m building on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 for a MAC running High Sierra 10.13.6 and another MAC running some version of Catalina. My macOS Deployment Target is set to 10.13 and the macOS Architecture is set to Standard 64-bit. Let me know if you think something there could be the problem but I think I need to consider there may be a problem on the target.

The problem I described above was happening because the user was trying to run the app before removing some encryption he was inadvertently doing. The app now appears to start and displays on the screen momentarily but then closes so I’m still looking