Building project in XCode


I’m sorry if it’s a well known issue, I just didn’t find how to solve it. I’m totally new to Mac OSX, and I want to build my JUCE app on it. There was no problem with building the sample projects, however whenever I try to do it with my own, I get a lot of errors when it reaches juce_LibrarySource.cpp. Here’s a screenshot, maybe some of you already got the same errors, and know what I should do in this case:

(btw I didn’t create a new project, I put my files to the sample project of juce demo but I guess it should not be a problem)


remove the c++ from CFLAGS


erm… where exactly can I find that? :oops:


xcode project option named Other C Flags


Don’t bother messing about with flags - on a mac, you should be using, not juce_LibrarySource.cpp!


thanks! it works with the mm file :slight_smile: