Building VST for Windows 7 in VS2015

Hi all!

I’m new to Juce and have finished my first plug in project, which is working correctly on Win10 and OSX10.9+.

I am however getting reports that it’s not showing up in Cubase 8.5 on Windows 7 and I’m having some troubles figuring out how to build the plugin for this platform in Visual Studio 2015. I tried changing the toolset in the Projucer to v140_xp with no luck.

Microsoft instructs to change the “Target Platform Version” in project settings to 8.1 as well as “define the appropriate value for _WIN32_WINNT in targetver.h”.

I tried this, but the Target Platform Version seems to get overridden when saving the Projucer project, and I don’t know where to look for “targetver.h”.

Sorry if this is a total newbie question, but can anyone walk me though how to build a plugin for Win7 properly?


I wonder if the problem that you are having may be related to what is discussed here: Projucer adds Platform Toolset improperly?

Hey yfede, it might well be!

I read this thread before posting, thought it didn’t work - but on a second visit, changing the toolset back to “v140” in the Projucer (instead of in project settings) worked - The project settings now display correctly as Windows and 8.1.


Sent out this build and waiting for feedback from the Win7 users…

If this proves to be a good solution, maybe give a polite nudge also on the other thread so that the JUCE team may take in consideration doing something about that

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