Bundling 3rd party drum samples along with a plugin?

I’m thinking of a plugin idea which involves percussion, using drum samples etc.

I’ve got a good number of drum samples which I’ve picked up over the years, but obviously I couldn’t bundle those with my plugin.
Does anyone know of a vendor I can approach who has quality drum samples and would be willing to discuss me being able to bundle drum samples with my plugin?

I’m might be looking at the House genres, and perhaps retro/synthpop.

I did contact one or two companies who have Drum synth software, and they said I could make sample packs with their software… as long as the drum samples I make don’t sound like any of their presets!

a lot of samples are licensed in a way that allows you to do whatever you want with the samples maybe look for those

@moritzsur , thanks… I’m actually finding those vendors who license samples that allow me to do anything I want with hard to find.
I’ve bought about three sample packs of drums in the recent past and asked the vendor if I could use the samples in the way I’d like to, and all of them replied “no”.

If you know of someone who licenses their drum samples more freely, let me know.

Check for Creative Commons/Public Domain Licenses.

Took a quick look and found this:

I did find one that seems pretty good, I’ve yet to explore it thoroughly, but it seems promising.
I’ll see if some of these samples fit with Deep House.
They are cc0

Chat to some producers/sound designers if you’re not into making/recording samples yourself. A decent producer should be able to get a good amount done In not too much time, especially if you compare to the quality of anything you’re likely to find that has a license permissible enough for you to redistribute them.

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