Bundling dat file along with the app

I found out using getSpecialLocation, I could get to point out various choices of the directories. If I wished to use either userDocumentsDirectory or applicationDataDirectory, as the destination folder to find my .dat file, how can I save this file in those locations during installation of the app just same as bundling resources with the app.

Thanks in advance.


You could use the Juce BinaryBuilder to embed the .dat file directly into your program

The introjucer can also embed the file in your executable, which is always a better option, IMHO - there are many ways a data file can get lost or broken.

Just to clarify your statement - you are saying that given a choice of an external data file versus embedding the file in the executable, it is preferred to embed the file. I agree, having a handful of loose files scattered around the .exe for an install is lame.