Button missing from alert window

The button is missing from AlertWindow::showMessageBox() on Linux

AlertWindow::showMessageBox(AlertWindow::InfoIcon, T("Test"), T("Test"));

Funny. Works here. (Debian etch + xfce).

Jules will love this one. :smiley:

EDIT, BTW have you tried to set the button text manually?

There’s no platform-specific code involved in the AlertWindow class, so I don’t see how being on linux would affect it (??)

Do other messages work? The juce demo has a few simple message boxes, and they’re fine under linux, aren’t they?

Ok, the button is there, but the alertWindow isn’t resizing to show it. And it only happens if the component calling the alertWindow is set to always on top. But, if I try and debug it, switch from the debugger back to my app causes the alertWindow to resize. It’s bizarre.